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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Interview With Rex Scott [X-sinner, Zion, ...]

Interview With Rex Scott

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By Rick "The Screamer" Lindner 06/20/2012

Rick/D2S: Thank you for hanging with the Dead-to-Self rock community! It is great to have you here!

RS/GXP: Well thank you. Good to be here! Dead To Self Radio really helped us get the GX word out.

Rick/D2S: Congratulations on another great project, this time being “Bite Stick” under the GX Project moniker.

RS/GXP: Thanks! It’s been a fun roller coaster! (Laughs)

Rick/D2S: Give us a little detail behind the newest project and the recording process behind it.
RS/GXP: Producer Glenn Thomas from Canada contacted me last year and asked if I would be interested in tracking some vocals to some stuff he had written. I get asked this from time to time from various people so I said, “Send what you have and I’ll at least take a look at it.” I liked what he presented. It was what was to become ‘Love I.V.’ He had another title for it at the time. I think it was N.I.V. or something like that. I didn’t care for whatever it was so I changed it and it became I.V. instead. I wrote the verses and suggested some instrumentation ideas which he liked and we tracked it. He said he was floored when he got it back with the changes from my studio. I then said, “Where’s the next one.” So he sent me another idea. All this was done via the web sending wav files back and forth to each other from my studio to his. He has the ITunes Audio Studio facility in Canada and he mixed and mastered it there and did a great job. As we went it became more and more of a cooperative endeavor on each song that followed until a whole album was completed.

Rick/D2S: A couple of the songs off the project have done well for themselves on this station. “Tricky Little Devil” and “Angry Eyes” in particular have been highly requested. Talk about those songs and what you hope fans will take away from them.

RS/GXP: Whatever the listener thinks they hear is fine with us. We purposely decided that lyrics were not going to be part of the album art. We want the listeners to use their brains and imaginations to get out of the lyrics what they think they say to them. Putting lyrics in the CD cover defeats the purpose of what it used to be like in rock allowing the listener to imagine what was being sung. Giving the lyrics away is for lazy thinkers/listeners including some who want all the answers and to be able to judge if we are up to their ‘standard’ of what they think a good lyric or message is. They asked Jesus to say stuff more plainly and complained why He always talked in riddles too so all we have to say is ‘deal with it’ like He did. He said ‘he who has ears to understand - will’ and that’s the way we look at it. “Angry Eyes” lambastes modern Christianity and its shallow judgmentalism. It’s lyrically derived from actual encounters I’ve had with so-called Christians. We do not hold back at all lyrically on this album. “Tricky Little Devil” is a fun song and can be about whatever anyone thinks it’s about.

Rick/D2S: Do you anticipate the GX Project being an on-going band as you move forward or more of a one-time recoding

RS/GXP: It’s an ongoing project. The album was meant for more of a mainstream audience primarily and we are about to embark on some mainstream advertising on secular FM radio, but we didn’t want to completely alienate Christian listeners at the same time. We want it to be accessible to both. I lean towards a mainstream approach lyrically more and more as time goes on. We have a number of riff ideas for the next one. We enjoyed working with each other so much that a second album is a ‘no brainer’ to us. (Laughs) We just wanted to see if file sharing was going to be kept to a minimum so we could actually afford to make a follow-up album from CD sales. These things do cost money you know! We plan on integrating GX material into the X-Sinner set list as well and bring Glenn out to perform with us live. To bring GX to the rock fans is what we want to do.

Rick/D2S: GX stays in the musical vein you’ve become popular for over the years; stripped back, raw, straight forward rock-n-roll that translate live as well as it does recorded. Obviously it works for you. With that said, do you think fans would allow you to go a different direction if you wanted to at some point down the road? (Also talk about your influences and where your trademark style started, etc.).

RS/GXP: I’ve always liked the stripped down blues based stuff that started with bands like Zeppelin and evolved with bands like Free and songs like ’Alright Now’ all the way to AC/DC and the rest. I’m in my niche or groove and I am most comfortable there. Airborne is another new act that carries on the tradition. In my previous band Zion that element of me came out and can be heard on songs like “Who Pulls The Strings” and “He Loves You”, but was only fully realized when I joined X-Sinner and of course now, on GX as well. I’m too old and have no desire to go another direction musically. (Laughs) It is what I am and genuineness comes from it compared to trying to do something else. I’ve always liked rock music and singing as long as I can remember.
Rick/D2S: What are the best ways for fans to pick up the new project?

RS/GXP: It is a limited edition pressing and a few retailers have picked it up, but it is primarily available from We are about to go live on and other retailers may result out of the Amazon deal. We give every online purchaser from the X-Sinner site a free mp3 of the cut ‘Tricky Little Devil’ right away when they order as a thank you and also ask them not to file share the stuff online. If the need for a second pressing arises then we will go for it. It currently has sold all over Europe and the U.S. and is getting great reviews. We are very happy because we knew the project was good but until you have the public say so you never really know for sure if it is a ‘success‘.

Rick/D2S: Going back to 1981 and the formation of your first national project with Zion, could you have envisioned at that time you’d still be recording rock music 30 years later?

RS/GXP: Not really. Who could? I am just grateful that Greg Bishop from X-Sinner called me to audition for the band. It’s been a great adventure. Being able to play in Europe for enthusiastic fans has been incredible not to mention performing with many great U.S. bands like Warrant, Joey Belladonna from Anthrax, Jefferson Starship, and The Tubes to name a few has been wonderful also. We have been asked to perform in Puerto Rico this fall so that should be good.

Rick/D2S: I am particularly fascinated with Zion as that band was based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. First, it isn’t not exactly the hot bed of Christian rock music. Secondly, I actually live in the Sioux Falls metro area as we speak. Of course, I moved here right after Zion had disbanded (1992). Apparently, the town isn’t big enough for the two of us so with my arrival meant your departure! (Laughs) Talk about that project and a few highlights for our fans as that band still remains popular here and is still requested quite frequently. (BTW – Who Pulls and Kick In rock!!!)

RS/GXP: Thanks a lot for that. (Laughs) You’re too kind. I moved to Sioux Falls in my junior year of high school from Minnesota (Go Vikings - laughs) and played in some high caliber local secular rock bands in Sioux Falls, the most well-known was ROX band. I eventually joined Zion in 1981. We performed for 11 plus years in the area and the entire upper Midwest region actually. Once we got on the bill for the Sonshine Festival in the Willmar, Minnesota area in 1984 the band took off in popularity. The rest is history. Lifelight Communication’s very own Vicki Greene was kind of our manager of sorts and was our booking agent which now has become the creator of the largest Christian music fest in America. We really broke the ground for what was to come for sure there in Sioux Falls. I really want to come back and do a show there sometime soon for sure. We recently got an order for the GX Project from Sioux Falls and it took me back big time thinking about those days. Zion was very respected by all the other secular rock bands that were made up of our friends we used to be in bands with before we created Zion. We rented a trailer every weekend to go perform someplace and eventually bought a school bus and had most of the seats removed and sofas and carpet and curtains put in it. We drove it until it died in Minot, North Dakota. (Laughs) We have a ton of great memories from those days. Once we went national with the release of the very successful “Thunder From The Mountain” album we toured all over the country for a short time.

Rick/D2S: In all seriousness to the band coming to an end and your leaving Sioux Falls, SD meant a good thing in that it was due to your joining another popular band here at D2S Radio; X-Sinner

RS/GXP: Zion was about to record a follow up to the very successful debut “Thunder From The Mountain” in 1991/92, but a lot of different things were going on in the band at that time. Some of the band did not want to use David Zaffiro from Bloodgood to produce the next one like he did the first one. I wanted David for one more. Two of the members were about to get married and these future ‘wives to be’ were not from the area and were new to the whole Zion scene and that added an element that none of us were used to. It became a struggle to make the seemingly littlest decisions. At this same time Greg Bishop of X-Sinner had contacted me looking for a singer to replace Dave Robbins who they fired. I felt the almost 12 years in Zion had finally reached its end and I decided to audition for X-Sinner. I was flown to Los Angeles and the rest is history.

Rick/D2S: How cool is this….as we are doing this interview “Tricky Little Devil” is just fired up and is rocking live on the station’s airways! Rock on!
RS/GXP: Tricky” is a great song. I love listening to it as much as anyone else would. I am very proud of that song and how it turned out.

Rick/D2S: With any of your previous projects, what other bands that are currently featured here on D2S Radio did you have the honor of sharing the stage with back in the hair rock heyday?

RS/GXP: Zion played with Rez, Whitecross , White Heart, Guardian and a bunch of other bands live over the years. When X-Sinner was in Germany last year we shared the stage with Ken Tamplin, Whitecross and old label mates Guardian to name a few. We’ve played with Bloodgood and Bride at Cornerstone 2007. I’ve got road stories that would make you laugh and cringe that I don’t really have the time to relay here. Have me over for dinner and I’ll share some after desert. (Laughs)

Rick/D2S: What was the scene like back in the late 80’s – early 90’s compared to today in your opinion?

RS/GXP: Well, fans were more excited than today I think. When we go to Europe it is like the nineties here really. They are much more into it and vocal than U.S. fans are. The U.S. fans are more trend driven and into the trend of alternative rock and the like. Over there it is not like that. Another good thing is technically speaking; you can get your music out to the public much quicker today than ten years ago. Labels are not really a necessity like in years past. That’s the main differences.

Rick/D2S: Is there any one song from all your recorded work to date in your mind that most exemplifies Rex Scott as an artist?

RS/GXP: Probably “Tricky Little Devil” on the hard rock side and “Is It A Crime‘” from Zion from my softer pop side.

Rick/D2S: Who does Rex listen to as a music fan?

RS/GXP: All mainstream stuff. I do not listen to ‘Christian rock’ at all. I find most of it shallow, formulaic lyrically and cheesy. One can only sing about being the light of the world so many ways before it becomes boring and repetitive no matter the musical genre.

Rick/D2S: What do you enjoy to do when you are away from music?

RS/GXP: Cooking, wine tasting, reading theology books. Greg is a theologian. He has a master’s degree in theology and is a major influence in the bands thinking. He writes great stuff and introduces us to other great writings and religious thought.

Rick/D2S: Do you have a Bible verse that inspires you that you would like to share with our readers?

RS/GXP: Sure. I think this verse applies to every ’Christian’ today although most of them do not think so. “You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” John 5(39-40) Christianity has been reduced to a simple belief and conversion system today. I don’t think that is what Jesus had in mind as requirements to be a true disciple. It is much harder and requires an unbelievable amount of dying to one’s self constantly. In other words, it’s difficult - not easy to be a real Christian. Today 'Christianity' is much like joining a club or a scene for the most part.

Rick/D2S: Rex, it has been a blessing to speak with you and feature your music here on the station. As a longtime fan of your music it has been my honor, thank you and God Bless!

RS/GXP: Thank you. The honor has been all mine.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

[entrevista] Grave Robber

Interview With Wretched
Original Link -

Basic Group Info
GENRE: Christian Rock/Horror & Shock Punk
LOCATION: Fort Wayne, IN
Wretched - Vokills
Lamentor - Guitar, Doom Tubs
Grim - Guitar
Carcass - Bass
LINKS: Official Site | Facebook | Request Songs

By Rick "The Screamer" Lindner 06/10/2012

Rick/D2S: Thank you for chillin’ with us here at Dead-to-Self Radio! It is great to hang with you!
Wretched/GR: Greetings. I am honored to be here.

Rick/D2S: Grave Robber should be this station’s official “house band” when you think about it. With a station where the slogan “Dead Never Sounded So Good” resides, Grave Robber is just a natural fit to exemplify that slogan if you ask me (laughs).

Wretched/GR: There’s a line from Pet Semetary that says “Sometimes dead is better.” I find that to be dead to you is ALWAYS better!!

Rick/D2S: Staying in that “dead” theme; one of your newest songs played here frequently; “You’re All Gonna Die” from your latest effort of the same title is a song that really digs into that theme. Talk about that song in particular and what you hope fans take away from it.
Wretched/GR: Some people think they are 10 feet tall and bullet proof. Some people think they can do as they please and live anyway they choose and they are to be rewarded for their disobedient, arrogant lifestyles. Even demonic forces operate as if they won’t ultimately be destroyed. The reality is if you don’t “DIE” while you are living, you will die forever. By that we mean reckon yourselves Dead to sin and find real, true life! Because the reality of universal law is no one gets out alive. YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!

Rick/D2S: For the fans that might not be familiar with Grave Robber; give them a little background on what they can expect from the band in general and with the newest release in particular.

Wretched/GR: More punk, more metal, more controversy, and more truth!!

Rick/D2S: With your visual image, I have to admit I was pretty much instantly drawn to your band because of that. As a young kid that got into rock music pretty much because of KISS and to a lesser extent Alice Cooper.

Wretched/GR: Alice Cooper is a huge influence on us as performers, obviously, as well as The Misfits musically. As for KISS, they are certainly an influence in the visual aspect. We all love a band that can perform, not just play music. Give the audience something to see.

Rick/D2S: How much did those bands’ emphasis on the visual aspect of a performance play into what comes through with Grave Robber today?

Wretched/GR: Approximately 100%.

Rick/D2S: What are some of the best or maybe even the oddest questions or observations you’ve had from fans after seeing you live for the first time?

Wretched/GR: They want to know how it’s possible for us to perform in masks. I tell them almost every band wears a mask; you just gotta pay closer attention to THEIR masks. At least we are honest about it!

Rick/D2S: What has been some of your fondest live show memories to date as a band?

Wretched/GR: Playing shows with our heroes is always good. Cornerstone is always a highlight of the year for us. Hearing everyone sing the songs back is amazing. We usually spray blood on the audience and have chainsaws. There’s usually some surprise we bring out. Last year we beat up Santa Claus. We are always trying to top the year before and get everyone involved in a bloody, messy good time! Everything does have a message and symbolism as well, so it’s just not shock, but a visual to go along with a scriptural meaning.

Rick/D2S: Has there been one song that has really resonated with the fans more than the others and maybe become your “un-official” have to play every show song?

Wretched/GR: Yes, “Army Of The Dead”. It’s a song to our fans, welcoming new fans, and most importantly inviting those outside of the family to “Come Join” the ARMY OF THE DEAD!!!

Rick/D2S: With what you do, do you find it challenging at times to get gigs or even cold shoulder at times from fans/promoters that just don’t seem to get it? If so, what do you say or do to get them to come around?

Wretched/GR: Certainly. We don’t say anything. We kick the dust off of our boots.

Rick/D2S: Away from the shock and awe of your visual image as well as your live show, what I really appreciate about your band is the sheer catchiness and energetic tempo of the music. I think it really makes your band stand out with the merging of a dark visual and a feel sound.

Wretched/GR: Well, ultimately we are using The Misfits as the blueprint for our style of punk/metal/thrash musical hybrid. They were basing a lot of their songs on 50’s rock and roll, so what we do is admittedly stripped down rock music played with a lot of aggression, passion, and velocity. Some songs are “feel good” songs. Some songs are to make you think. Some of the songs are there to make you feel a bit angry and motivated!

Rick/D2S: Has this combination allowed you to talk about your faith or talk with kids that might not otherwise be open to hearing about the good news of Jesus?


Wretched/GR: Without a doubt. We’ve had a myriad of pastors over the past seven years thank us for reaching into a subculture that they can’t even approach. The gospel doesn’t need Grave Robber. However, lost kids in a very violent, angry world do need the gospel. They WILL NOT listen to it as presented in the traditional way.

Rick/D2S: Many kids into the heavy and alternative music scene are hurting inside for a number of reasons. Has this been some of your experience when you’ve been out on the road? If so, what do you say to them to encourage them?

Wretched/GR: Absolutely, we tell them our stories. Some of those stories are much more heinous than what they are personally dealing with. We tell them there is hope in “The Reanimator”. We listen to them and hang out with them. We let them see us as real people who are followers of “The Reanimator”. We don’t get churchy or speak “Christianese” to them. We talk to them like they talk and let them see the real us. Just being transparent goes a loooooong way when telling someone the truth.

Rick/D2S: This is one of the reasons I believe that what bands like Grave Robber do is so important on many levels.

Wretched/GR: We are only doing our best to be obedient to our calling.

Rick/D2S: Outside of your past influences, what current bands do the guys in the group enjoy listening to?

Wretched/GR: Not too many (laughs)! We are all way more into older bands than newer ones. I mean, we are friends with bands we really like, but about 99% of our influence has zero to do with current music.

Rick/D2S: Where is the best place(s) for fans to pick up your music?

Wretched/GR: From Rottweiler Records. We are also on iTunes, Zune, CDBaby and all that rot.

Rick/D2S: Thank you so much for your time and providing our fans with a little love from Grave Robber! God Bless.

Wretched/GR: Thank you and stay in His grip!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

[entrevista] Mass

Bio | intro

In 1984, MASS released their first album, a self-titled EP produced by Jon Mathias. It was recorded at The Record Plant in New York City. The EP sold 10,000 copies in the Boston area alone, and got the attention of record companies.

In 1985, the band signed with RCA and released their first major label debut, New Birth, produced by Tony Platt. The 45 single, Do You Love Me, went to Number One at one of the local Boston radio stations and hit Billboard's charts. The video made for that single was in rotation on MTV.

In 1987, MASS signed with Enigma and released their third album, Take You Home, produced by John Rollo and MASS. This record sold tens of thousands in the United States as well as England, Japan, and other countries around the world.

In 1988, MASS released their fourth record, Voices in the Night, on Enigma. Michael Sweet of the band Stryper was the producer. This CD sold well all over the world too. Songs such as Reach for the Sky, Turn it All Around, and Voices of the Night were available as CD singles. Songs from this CD also appeared on various compilations CD's. That year, MASS was nominated for Best Heavy Metal Act at the Boston Music Awards.

In 2000, MASS released its fifth record titled Mass Best Ones on Fore Reel Records. They continue to have a strong following all over the United States and around the world. Mass continues to write and record powerfully impressive songs with MASS style, driving hard rock with an edge and rocking melodies.

In 2001, MASS wrote, performed, and continue to kick it! They completed work on their latest demo and hope to have it released sometime in 2002.

In 2002, MASS won a coveted spot at NEMO (the Boston music showcase and industry convention), completed work on their next demo, and produced two songs with Michael Sweet of Stryper!

In 2007, MASS re-releases New Birth on CD through Retrospect Records. They also signed a 5-year record deal with Escape Records and released a new CD titled Crack of Dawn on June 25th!

Band Guys
Louis St. August - Vocals
Gene D'tria - Guitars
Mike Palumbo - Bass
Joey "Vee" Vadala - Drums
Those of you who, like me are devotees of the hard rock scene will recognize the name - Mass  -  is not a band that regularly circulate in the Christian scene. But since the Voices of the Night, they caught us. The frontman Louis St. August  shared great things in this interview.

When & how it was that faith in Christ became part of the music of Mass?
From the very beginning I started incorporating positive song lyrics about God into our songs. Our first album “Fighter” (1982) had songs like “Voyager”. Although we never considered ourselves as a Christian band but just a melodic Rock band from Boston that wrote positive uplifting tunes. It wasn’t until or involvement with Michael Sweet (Stryper) that press and fans started calling us a Christian band.

What`s Mass… of Massachusetts? Hahahaah
MASS was actually derived because of our sound we always thought we had a big, “MASS”ive sound for a four piece band. So that’s really were it came from and it didn’t hurt that we were all from Massachusetts also. Personally I did not mind the Church theme as well made for good gossip. :)

Fans mainly Christians, have come to see more of you, starting from Voices in the Night. But you were not labeled Christian band ... That bothered you in any way?
No not really, although we do not consider ourselves to be a Christian band we are all catholic and do believe in God and Jesus. We just chose not shove our beliefs done any fans throats that come to see us perform live. We typically write about our/my experiences in life with a lot of my lyrics being autobiographical so you are going to get a lot of God influenced tunes from me. My Christian beliefs are subtle in our songs and just hope the fans dig the music and come away with a positive outlook.

Voices in the… Is my favorite Mass hit!

Thank you! I love that album as well! It was a lot of fun recording that one out in California with Michael Sweet producing. Although I do love them all my other favorites are “New Birth” and our most current CD “Sea of Black” which totally Rocks

You are re-releasing the Mass releases via Retroactive Records - how did you guys connect?

I was contacted on Facebook believe or not via CEO Matt Hunt who was trying to convince me to have all the MASS releases, re-released on his label. So after several talks and negotiations a deal was struck. I’m happy to say they know have re-released our “Fighter”, “84 Unchained EP”, “New Birth” and now out this month in June 2012 are “Take You Home” & “Voices In The night” all re-mastered with crystal clear artwork Fantastic job by Retroactive!

The Mass band has supported any kind of a cause or charity?

Yes during the Christmas season the last few years we release a 2 song CD called “A Very Merry X-MASS” with all the proceeds going to the “Toys for Tots” charity. We are very proud of the fact that we have donated thousands of dollars to that charity the past few years and helped to put a smile on a lot of little children and families.

Any personal experience has created a song for the Mass?
Many songs are about us and our dealings with day to day occurrences in our own personal lives or what the band as a whole has experienced. Examples are songs like from our very first album “Badman’s Reputation’ which is about our first crazy manager that caused us a lot of greif and loss of our first deal with A&M records. All the way up to our latest CD with songs like “All the years Gone” which is about myself and a past relationship.

If you could set up a dream tour bill for yourselves, who would be on it? 

Aerosmith, Motley Crue & MASS would be very nice

What of good have you heard from Brazil? Laughs

My oldest daughter has traveled to Brazil for school and my neighbors are Brazilian as well. I think Brazil is most beautiful from what I have seen and the people I have met from Brazil are the kindest and most wonderful people I have ever met. Would love to venture there myself along with the band to perform and enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery! 

Last words... 

Thank you Norman for the interview and for letting me chat to your readers about MASS! Hope your readers discover and keep enjoying MASS music!

For more MASS info on what we are up to please

Louis \m/

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Entrevista] The Sacrificed

Interview With Eli Prinsen
By Rick "The Screamer" Lindner 03/28/2012 

Rick/D2S: Thank you for hanging with the Dead-to-Self rock community! It is great to have you here!

Eli/TS: Thanks, it’s good to be here!

Rick/D2S: Please give our rockin’ listeners a 5,000 foot overview of what The Sacrificed is all about and how you came to be.

Eli/TS: We (The Sacrificed) are a Christian power metal band, originally from Central Florida. Our primary focus as a band is to first and foremost praise the Lord Jesus Christ and also to convey through our lyrical content, messages of forgiveness and hope. Also to educate and encourage through personal experiences and Biblical history. We formed in 2005 and have released three albums to date: “The Da Vinci Hoax”, “2012” and “III”. Originally we were a two man “studio band” consisting of myself on vocals and drums, and Johnny Bowden on guitars, bass and keys. Our earliest shows were mainly me singing to backing tracks. Eventually, we added Jay Williams in 2007 as our new drummer and recorded “2012” between 2007 and 2010. And finally we completed our line up with two very special new members and released our current album, “III”.

Rick/D2S: You made some noise with your previous release “2012” which received ample play here on D2S Radio and now your newest effort “III” is following suit, well done!

Eli/TS: Thank you very much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!

Rick/D2S: As the new release “III” just became available the end of February, give our fans an overview of what to expect from the new project that might not have caught you here on the station yet.

Eli/TS: This new album has a more polished sound than the first two, better production as well as a more professional level of musicianship. As with any album of The Sacrificed, there are a few varieties of metal styles that are covered. We also do a Queensryche cover song called, “Before the Storm”, from their “Warning” album. Our guitar solos have gone from impulse power to warp speed! There’s even a guest appearance from guitarist, Roy Z. It shows a lot of growth from every member in the band musically.

Rick/D2S: Another interesting twist with “III” comes in the form of a new member. Fans here at D2S Radio might be familiar with your newest member, Michael Phillips (Deliverance / Fasedown)! Talk about him joining the band. How did this come about and what has he added to the band?

Eli/TS: Yes! We have been extremely blessed to have added guitar virtuoso, Michael Phillips to our roster! Mike and I became friends in Norway during Nordic Fest 2010. We had discussed him doing some guitar solos for the new record “III” and as the production was moving along, things just were really clicking well, and Mike started writing a few songs for the album. Eventually I just came out and asked him to join the band and he said, “Yes”! We’ve been like brothers ever since.

Rick/D2S: Are you required to do any mandatory Deliverance songs during band rehearsals (laughs)?

Eli/TS: That’s not a requirement, it’s a pleasure! Back in October we had a Nordic Fest 2010 Deliverance (with me on vocals) reunion jam session out at Mike’s studio in California, and we played “Weapons of Our Warfare”. It was such a good time hanging with Mike, Jim and Tim again.

Rick/D2S: In your vocals, I hear influences from the likes of Geoff Tate to Bruce Dickenson, Jim Gillette (without the top end craziness), as well as Rob Halford. Have any of these singers played an influence in your style to any level?

Eli/TS: Absolutely! It’s crazy that you mentioned the singers you did because my earliest voice training was with Jim Gillette! And then my voice teacher (who gave me the bulk of my training) was trained by Maestro David Kyle, (the teacher of Geoff Tate). My vocal influences are Geoff Tate, Rob Halford, Michael Kiske, Jimmy P. Brown II, Josh Kramer, Rey Parra, Kevin Ayers, Bruce Dickenson, Tony Harnell and Brad Delp.

Rick/D2S: What about in your song writing? Your lyrics take me back to a fine time of Christian metal when bands like Sacred Warrior, Bride, Holy Soldier and even Deliverance were in their prime. Basically, very straight forward lyrics that weren’t afraid to take a stand while not sugarcoating the message if you will?

Eli/TS: Just like the vocal influences you mentioned, I was also influenced lyrically by Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, Saint and Haven. Worthy of mention is the lyric writing of my former band mate in Sealed Fate, Kevin Tanner. Kevin is the guy who really got me into the Christian Metal movement back in the day. He was an amazing song writer with a no compromise approach to writing lyrics and his writing style still resonates in my writing to this day.

Rick/D2S: As a fan of music yourself, who have been some of your biggest musical inspirations? Also, who do you listen to today?

Eli/TS: My biggest musical inspirations have been very diverse. I love Boston. I have always loved the emotion that they have been able to stir up with their music and Brad Delp was the first really amazing singer that ever caught my attention as a kid. When I got into hard rock and metal as a teen ager, I listened to a lot of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween and Queensryche because of their incredible vocal abilities. Eventually as I became a Christian and started listening to Christian Metal, I was totally inspired by Saint, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, Recon and Haven. I still listen to the “older” bands to this day. Saint is still pumping out great stuff! I like bands like DragonForce, Saint, Boston, Deliverance and of course my very favorite band, The Sacrificed!!!

Rick/D2S: If you could play a Christian metal show with 4-5 bands of your choice who would they be and why?

Eli/TS: That would be incredibly awesome! It would be Deliverance, Saint, Haven, Recon and Sacred Warrior; because it would be a concert of Biblical proportions (laughs)!

Rick/D2S: If you could change one thing about the current music climate, what would it be and why?

Eli/TS: I think autotune should only be used by Disney artists (laughs)! I’d like to see more of what was happening back in the late 80’s and early 90’s in the golden age of Christian Metal; straight forward lyric writing and genuine Christian Metal that creates shockwaves, not only in the music industry, but in the youth of the world.

Rick/D2S: What is the best way fans can pick up your releases?

Eli/TS:, Century Media Distribution, Divine Metal Distribution, CD Baby and much, much more!

Rick/D2S: Which song would you like the fans to go and request after reading this interview and why?

Eli/TS: Actually, I’d like them to request a couple. “Ark of The Covenant”, because it really showcases the “new and improved” sound of The Sacrificed and has two awesome guitar solos from Michael Phillips and Roy Z. “Behold The Power of God” because it’s my favorite track and “The Nephilim Agenda” because it absolutely shreds!

Rick/D2S: Is there anything you would like to add to wrap up our conversation? May our God continue to bless your efforts!

Eli/TS: Thank you for this opportunity to talk with you guys. I pray that God will bless you all. We also want to thank all of the fans that have stuck with us since the early days, this album is for you!

Infonte -

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entrevista : Lance King

O SIN KILLER conversou com o grande vocalista e dono do selo Nightmare Records, Lance King.
O que é mais difícil para você, cantar numa banda ou ser um labelhead?

Bem os dois apresentam um tipo diferente de desafio, eu acho que cada um tem seus pontos positivos com certeza. Eu adoro tocar e gravar, mas eu também gosto de ajudar outros músicos distribuir sua música pelo o mundo. Eu realmente não acho que um é mais difícil que o outro. Você recebe de volta o que você colocou em cada.

Você cantou em diversas bandas e o Balance Of Powerera foi o mais notável, eu acho. Por que você nunca se firmou em nenhum lineup?
Bom, se a sua pergunta é porque eu não permaneci em nenhuma banda pra sempre, eu teria que dizer simplesmente, que eu gosto de relacionamentos de longo prazo, gosto quando as coisas estão estáveis ​​e funcionando, mas
infelizmente minha experiência tem sido mais a curto prazo. Devido ao drama entre banda que não tem nada a ver com a música, infelizmente. Quando isso acontecer, infelizmente, tende a arruinar a química mágica que faz a música agradável, aquele x-factor é apenas para se divertir ... Enquanto você estiver fazendo o que você ama, se você não pode ter esse ingrediente especial, a música nunca mais será o que poderia ser, e isso nunca vai ser tão agradável como deveria ser. E, portanto, (na minha opinião) é melhor seguir em frente e fazer a magia nova, ao invés de ficar e ter algo se tornar obsoleto e lixo comparado ao que era. No caso do BP, eu não acho que fomos a esse ponto ainda, mas é claro que fui enganado, quando eu acordei para descobrir através de um comunicado de imprensa que eu não estava mais na banda.
E desse forma, você se move ... para fazer boa música com aqueles que irão apreciar o que você traz para a mesa.

Você e o Rob Rock não vinculam suas músicas como metal cristão, mas esse público gosta e acompanha os dois. Algum feedback incomum a respeito disso chamou/chama sua atenção?
Sim, Rob e minha música geralmente têm algumas mensagens sólidos que se conectam com esse público e uma vez que ambos são cristãos, somos bastante abraçados pela cena metal underground cristã. Eu não posso falar por Rob, mas para mim, eu simplesmente não quero fazer música apenas para os cristãos, eu quero fazer boa música para todos.
A música é uma alegria e meu amor na vida, cantando eu faço com meu coração e alma e minha mensagem eu acredito que é um dom de Deus, através de mim. Eu não posso levar o crédito por aquilo que faço, pois simplesmente flui tão facilmente, vindo um poder superior.
Como você pode limitar isso? É isso o que Jesus faria?
Eu não acredito que seja ... Eu acredito que ele iria compartilhar seu amor com todos!
By the way, como foi dividir o palco com Rob Rock? 

Eu conheço o Rob há um bom tempo, via internet e comunicação por telefone, mas foi bom conhecer cara a cara e ainda melhor para cantar juntos. Seu conjunto do ano anterior no ProgPowerUSA foi um dos meus preferidos, a banda e ele parecia incrível, por isso era um bom momento, com certeza, eu também curti minhas músicas com Mark Boals e Michael Erickson.

A capa da edição atual do fanzine heaven’s metal não poderia ser melhor ... Agora eu queria ouvir que você vai tocar no Elements of Rock, Cornerstone, .... Risos. O você tem a dizer dessas coisas? 


Isso seria uma explosão! Eu adoraria tocar nesses festivais, fui convidado, no passado, para tocar no palco Sanctuary no Cornerstone, Sunshine e alguns outros festivais cristãos, mas as coisas não funcionaram por um motivo ou outro ao longo dos anos. Mas eu tenho fé que isso aconteça num futuro próximo e estou ansioso por isso.

Será que este projeto terá uma "longa vida"?

Sim, este é o meu foco principal agora musicalmente, eu não estou dizendo que eu nunca mais vou fazer parte de outra banda ... Porque isso seria uma coisa boba pra se falar, eu estou aberto a fazer música com alguém que está nela, pelas mesmas razões que eu estou, para fazer a melhor música de metal por uma questão de fazer a melhor música de metal possível. Então, se este caminho levar a uma grande oportunidade, então vai, mas independentemente do que acontece a esse respeito, a minha carreira solo agora está aqui, e eu nunca vou parar de fazer música dessa maneira. 

De quem foi a idéia de usá-lo na arte ... risos 

Aquela seria a minha idéia, na verdade, trabalhei em estreita colaboração com o artista Marcus Sigfriedssen (também guitarrista e escritor em duas das músicas do álbum 222. AWAKENING and 888. INFINITY DIVINE. Lembro-me de capas interessantes de apenas um cantor no álbum ou uma t-shirt como nos velhos tempos de Whitesnake ... e já que era um álbum solo, e eu sou o vocalista, e o álbum é realmente sobre uma viagem espiritual pessoal ... ele só fazia sentido ... para me:)
‘minha jornada espiritual pessoal’
A Moment in Chirosme lembrou do seu tempo no BOP, na fase do Book Of Secret especificamente na faixa ‘11:11 Transformation’. Qual seu insight a respeito ? 

MMM, Esta certo disso? Eu acho que não, eu escutei Tore St. Moren arrancando o estilo Jorn, riffs heavy rocking, como um campeão!
O sentimento de Tore é tão diferente de Pete Southern tocando isso, eu acho que eu não ouço a semelhança com o BOP aqui. Eu acho que é um pouco mais Jorn-ish meu . Claro, minha voz está diferente e pode ser isso  que você está escutando nela, a forma como eu canto nesta canção, talvez?

Ultima, você pode expor seus pensamentos sobre o que quiser. Que todos saibam o que está em sua mente sobre qualquer assunto que você gosta.
Eu não tenho agora um discurso retórico ou qualquer coisa impressionante aconselhar e partilhar que as pessoas tivesse que considerar .... (Vote no Ron Paul:)
OK ... bem, eu acho que seria ótimo se cada pessoa que lê esta entrevista, conseguisse um tempo para entrar e conectar a um nível mais pessoal comigo na minha página do facebook ou se você não fizer isso, talvez você seja um fã do twitter . De qualquer maneira, participar da diversão, ir para o meu site principal confira o site, e também clicar nos links de mídias sociais na parte superior que você está em. E sinta-se livre para me enviar uma nota.
Eu vou fazer o meu melhor para retornar o mais rápido possível. Eu faço isso muito bem nesse momento ;).
Lance King

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Entrevista com Mortification

O SIN KILLER deu seu pulo rápido tipo canguru e entrevistou a lenda do metal cristão, Steve Rowe, que agora também está sendo chamado de Infiltration Squad devido sua página ‘limitada’ no facebook. Ele não adiciona qualquer um lá. Como os updates do Mortification foram quase todos postados no SIN KILLER na sua maioria, na íntegra, todos os detalhes sobre o novo álbum, só não leu quem já morreu. Agora é hora de mortificar-se...

pic - press release
Larry Norman é considerado o pai do rock cristão. Você seria do Death Metal cristão, eu acho :)... 

Bem, sim, eu acho que o Mortification foi provavelmente a primeira banda do mundo cristão de death metal! Eu vejo o Mort mais como uma banda de Metal Extremo que combina elementos de death metal, grindcore, Thrash e um pouco de Classic Metal e heavy Tradicional. 

Quais as grandes lições com o  Infiltration Squad até o momento? 
Em primeiro lugar, o Infiltration Squad é o meu grupo de suporte ou grupo de suporte dos fas se preferir. Eu queria começar uma página no Facebook privada para Família, Amigos, Músicos e Artistas para ficar em contato com ambos, cristão e não.. Além disso, as pessoas amigas que estão na mesma página que estou de muito longe são como eu sou, guerreiros do metal verdadeiro de Jesus. 

Eu sabia que quando eu começasse o Infiltration Squad no ano passado, que somente o povo que estão realmente por dentro do ‘ metal verdadeiro de Jesus iria se juntar, comprar o Pak e então, quando eles estiverem  no Facebook comigo eles não estarão lá para serem negativos. 

Só que, é um local de discussão saudável sobre os temas, ‘verdadeiros seguidores de Jesus & Metal, do qual podem falar sobre questões relevantes. A Internet me ensinou a ficar longe de fóruns de metal cristão onde as pessoas vão deliberadamente puxar outras para o seu nível negativo e tirar ondas de  caras antigos como eu, ainda tocando o Jesus Metal depois de 28 anos! 

Este novo álbum enfrentou inúmeras dificuldades. O Mort perdeu dois membros no processo de gravação e você não perdeu a coragem. Como foi manter se firme e animado mediante a e esse impasses ao longo de sua grande história na música?

Com a perda de Troy e Mick Jelinic, eu continuei acreditando no novo release Scribe Of... Lincoln Bowen voltou para o Mort depois de 10 anos e fazendo a maioria das partes de guitarra. Além disso o produtor e mestre Mark McCormack saiu da aposentadoria de ‘Produção de Banda’ para fazer as gravações finais & Mix & produzir o álbum comigo! A novo lançamento, mais uma vez me ensinou paciência e estamos muito satisfeitos com o resultado final. 

Os fãs não compreendem as mudanças de lineup que Mort sempre sofreu. Qual foi o membro que quebrou as pernas (ou o que mais deixou você mal), quando deixou o Mort?

As pessoas mudam de bandas, por diversas razões. Geralmente eles são motivos legítimos, como compromissos de trabalho, se casam e começam uma família. Não há dinheiro para tocar Jesus Metal. É uma vida de sacrifício e doação. Em alguns casos Deus pede às pessoas para seguir em frente em outras áreas do Ministério e em casos de fogo, o diabo segura o membro na banda cristã e os leva por caminho largos de destruição. Sad But True! 

Agora que o Bowen Lincoln voltou, existe a possibilidade de uma

turnê mundial? 

Eu acho que não estaremos fazendo uma turnê mundial novamente. Temos compromissos familiar muito importante e responsabilidades como verdadeiro homens cristãos. Mas estaremos fazendo muitos shows aqui e ali nos próximos meses e anos! 

E sobre Jayson Sherlock? ... Quando eu vi as fotos (big Scrolls (fotos do vinil gigante), eu cheguei a imaginar que vocês iam fazer algo juntos... 

Jayson e eu temos idéias muito diferentes sobre a vida e fé, e assim nunca haverá qualquer tipo de reunião de 20 anos atrás. Aonde Mort está agora em 2012 com Lincoln, Andrew e eu, é a formação perfeita para mim. Estamos todos numa mesma direção, tanto quanto a do Mort é e para onde o Mort estará indo com música e ministério! 

Você disse: " The Scribe Of Penateuch " é para os fãs de AILD. Eu mal posso esperar para ver o Mort tocando breakdowns... hahahaah 
Tudo o que eu quis dizer foi que o The Scribe, seria muito relacionável para os fãsde metal de TODAS AS IDADES! Tenho 47 anos, Lincoln 35 e Andrew 22. Assim, Andrew é 25 anos mais jovem do que eu! Então ele está bem conectado com a cena Deathcore de bandas mais jovens em seus primeiros 20 anos! Mas Não! Jamais qualquer breakdown no Mort! Haha! Nós somos old school! 

Você tem falado muito sobre a baixa qualidade do metal cristão verdadeiro ... Como você separa seu chamado de sua carreira? 
Eu só acho que é um triste reflexo sobre os cristãos mais jovens dos quais parecem menos e menos propensos a apresentar o metal com uma forte mensagem cristã. É muito fácil de ser suave e positivo e vender sua música como "cristã"? Quando não há nada cristão nos temas. Tudo bem então, só que não pode fazer parte da cena ‘metal cristão’ se não mostrar mensagens cristãs! 

Sobre a assinatura com Antidemon nos pegou de surpresa. Lol Eles tiveram uma chance de abrir para Mort em São Paulo, mas desperdiçaram. Você está procurando (de olho em) mais alguma banda de algum lugar? 

Eu gostaria de levantar o selo Rowe Productions mais uma vez, mas as pessoas primeiro precisam realmente apoiarem o novo álbum do Mort e o próximo do Antidemon. Se as pessoas começarem a comprar os CDS, em vez de roubá-los a partir da Net, então talvez eu possa assinar mais 3 ou 4 bandas!?? 

Eu escutei a música The Jaws Of Life e essa faixa traz o velho estilo de Mort com um  bônus especial, seus vocais de black metal. E a minha parte favorita, os blast beats. Há possibilidade deste álbum ser lançado por uma grande gravadora? 

Eu estou negociando o Scribe com os selos europeus no momento. Tenho que esperar e ver o que os grandes selos europeus vão pensar do Scribe! O mundo está em problemas econômicos e com os fãs de metal roubando álbuns pela a Net em vez de comprá-los, muitos dos melhores selos de metal estão fechando. Sad But True! 

Quais seriam os pré-requisitos para que uma tour acontecesse?

Um monte de coisas no mundo teria que mudar. Começando com os cristãos sendo honesto e não ladrões e mentirosos! Também só poderíamos fazer em pequenos tempos por causa de nossos compromissos com a nossa família! 

Para terminar, diga o que quiser ... lol 

True Jesus Metal Lives On!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Antivenom : Horda unblack lança debut 'Sacred Funeral'

Mais um unblack e no caso aqui, não é apenas um one man band. Eu mal consegui notar sua existência, achando até que fosse mais um passa tempo de algum músico frustrado, nos tomando tempo... E não é que o Antivenom é real???

Formado por Armath Sargon-guitars, Troy-drums e Corinne- vocals (esposa do baterista e co-fundadora do Antivenom.

Eles correram com a produção do seu debut, Sacred Funeral e com base nas escutadas e primeira impressão temos uma versão mais raw da ótima banda mexicana Deborah, que lembra o tempo corpse paint do Death Poems. Ou (insight) – Como seria se o Sheva Ruach tivesse lançado alguma coisa.
Na entrevista a seguir, Troy fala do nome ‘Antivenom’ ,  tenso, mas sem intenção.

Quais são seus objetivos com este projeto?
Nós não estávamos esperando que este projeto tome forma tão rapidamente, eu acho que nosso objetivo é ficar melhor nos nossos próximos álbuns.
Como vocês encontraram o Armath Sargon? Eu conheci o Armath através de fórum de hinos black metal Armath hinos enegrecida e quando eu mencionei que nós queríamos um guitarrista para este projeto, do qual a minha esposa e eu começamos, ele se ofereceu. É realmente ótimo trabalhar na música com ele.
Você escolheu um nome que soa como uma brincadeira... E as pessoas podem pensar que a banda não é séria ... O que você tem a dizer ...
Bem, eu acho que nós não somos muito sério. Acho que há bastante músicos sérios que perderam o contato com o ‘fazer música por prazer’. Estamos nos divertindo e isso é tudo que importa.
Yeah, eu posso ver como as pessoas podem tentar fazer algum tipo de conexão entre as duas bandas, mas o nome não é em referência a eles ou o personagem do homem aranha. Para nós, o significado simbólico do nome refere-se ao veneno da serpente (pecado) e, embora tenhamos sido infectados por ela, através do sangue de Cristo nos tornamos imunes a seus efeitos (morte). Então, realmente, se sua expectativa é de uma banda cristã que soa como Venom ou uma que está protestando contra eles, você não vai encontrar, mas acho que soamos exatamente do que espera de uma banda unblack, com este nome.

Você  pensou sobre a reação do público nos shows? A plateia pode não ser toda cristã, e aí? Estamos espalhados por todo o globo, logo não temos planos de fazer shows, mas se o fizéssemos, eu acredito que os não –cristãos teria um bom tempo.

Gostei muito da arte criada para o funeral de Sacred. Você poderia descrever melhor? A artwork feita pelo o incrível Drawnsword reflete a morte da vida antes de Cristo e o início de uma nova vida com o Espírito Santo.
Qual é a sua principal razão por tocar metal extremo? Nós tocamos a música que gostamos, todos nós somos grandes fãs de quase todos os gêneros de metal, mas nosso favorito é unblack porque temos sentimento e emoção pra isso.

info :

Entrevista com o Tempest.

 Ainda tem o que fazer... 

Mick Rowe continua envolvido com música, melhor trabalhando com ela. E questionado sobre o Tempest, ele garantiu a volta (sem o seu irmão Jamie Rowe / Guardian). No final da entrevista, o primeiro link, para material novinho em folha. Lineup - Mick Rowe: Vocals/Guitars, Duane Monk: Drums, Ricky B. Rogers: Bass 
Como surgiu a idéia de remixar o material antigo? 
Tenho pensado de como amador a estréia foi depois de escrever músicas que estavam sendo pegada por programas de TV e uso comercial. Foi apenas guitarras, melodias infantis e vocais. Eu como sempre se envergonhava daquele álbum. A produção foi feita por um produtor de música country que tinha gravado alguma banda de um país muito grande naquela época (não me lembro). Para encurtar a história, achava que meus violões soaram como um barbeador elétrico e quero, pelo menos, atualizar isso ! Basicamente, era a primeira música que eu tinha escrito e gostaria de torná-lo mais parecido com o que eu ouvi quando eu o escrevi. 
Como muitas outras bandas de metal cristão, o Tempest não foi muito longe em cena. O que você acha que poderia ter causado isso? 
Sem dinheiro e sem talento. Simples... 
Quais foram os melhores ou, os piores momentos do Tempest? 
Pessoalmente meus momentos favoritos foram tocar ao vivo! O Cornerstone era divertido, durante o nosso set os membros do Sacred Warrior trouxe um espelho grande, juntamente com um balde de lavar, para se barbear enquanto tocávamos.
Larry do Veangance saiu vestido como um homem das cavernas e jogou frutas na plateia . Nós decidimos que a única coisa a fazer era andar de bicicleta no palco no show do Sacred Warrior j. Foram momentos de diversão. E eu amei o "Metal Fest 88" com Bloodgood, Bride, entre outros. Era apenas um dia de diversão!
O pior foi quando tocamos também. nós não éramos uma banda boa em tudo. lol É por isso que todos nós tentamos evitar os dias de metal puro! Lol 
Algum ótimo show ou tour que você ainda se lembra? 
Fizemos uma temporada com o Whitecross que foi bem legal até criamos problemas por ser "demasiadamente energéticos " no palco e fomos retirados da tour. Fizemos algumas brincadeiras de volta, então, e por causa disso voltamos então, pegamos pedaços de extensões de cabelo que eram do nosso kid de acessórios e colocá-los na mesa de merch do Whitecross como "mechas de cabelo- rex Carrols $ 5,00, pegue enquanto você pode (ele estava ficando careca). 
Olhando para trás, nós éramos garotos que não tinham buisiness sendo na posição que estávamos dentro, mas tínhamos esperanças que Deus nos usasse, apesar de nós mesmos.
** Lembro-me também de um show com Jimmy Brown e Deliverance em Oklahoma City, eu me senti como Bon Jovi no show do Slayer. lol 
O que você acha do David Benson? 
Eu gosto bastante de suas coisas – Excelente vocal na minha obra, tanto quanto um grande cara. A+ 
E o Goliath? Alguma esperança? 
Eu estava trabalhando no novo do Goliath ao longo dos últimos meses e que realmente a mudança para GMO DESTROYER ( eu aprendi muito sobre o que está realmente em nossa comida. Descobrir coisas que eu sinto deve ser compartilhado, eu estou liberando " Bio Zombie Nation " no final deste ano. Keri Kelli da banda Alice Cooper está fazendo um ou 2 tracks comigo, assim como alguns outros eu vou pedir para fazer um CD para relembrar! Eu tenho demos das faixas que eu estou trabalhando em cima das que escrevi, para que as pessoas possam ver como eu consegui ter gravado.

Entrevista com o Antestor

Photo edit and design: Age Buer
 To be or not to be - unblack ou black metal ?

O unblack master foi abordado pelo o SIN KILLER :) O frontman Ronny Hansen comentou que havia pouco tempo, devido as gravações do novo álbum, mas logo respondeu minhas perguntas. Eu tentei falar sobre o Vaakevandring, ele escolheu o silêncio :(

O que você acha
 de ser considerado ( Antestor)  a maior banda unblack depois do Horde

Antes de qualquer coisa,  nós não nos consideramos uma banda unblack. Estamos tocando metal extremo. Eu sei que, especialmente na América do Sul é importante  ser black ou unblack, mas a maneira como nós estamos vendo é que o unblack metal  é exclusivamente para os cristãos e queremos divulgar a nossa música e mensagem para todos, e em primeiro lugar aos não-cristãos. Se eu não fosse um cristão, não me preocuparia em  ouvir nada de  unblack. O rótulo  unblack torna difícil ser ouvido por outros, que não são  cristãos. mas para responder sua pergunta ... a cena é pequena, se você considerar apenas as bandas cristãs, e para ser uma das bandas maiores não nos torna diferentes de outras bandas cristãs. Fazemos nossa música com o coração, e seriamos   os mesmos se não tivéssemos fãs ao redor do mundo.

O que foi mais difícil para você na comunidade cristã? Usar corpse paint ou lidar com os vários tipos de cristãos dentro da cena?

Não estamos usando corpse paint mais, uma vez que  deixamos o efeito de choque e da música que estamos fazendo não é tão primitivo. Eu pessoalmente nunca gostei da idéia de corpsepaint mais de um fator de choque. ..  um monte de diferentes opiniões cristãs, e comunhões. Alguns são mais conservadores do que outros, mas tivemos alguns problemas com todo mundo, e nós temos fãs na maioria das comunidades. com a música, é impossível agradar a todos, já que os gostos são individuais. mas em algum momento, cerca de 10 - 15 anos atrás, nós sentimos tanto odiado pela  cena secular e a cristã. Muitos ainda ver o metal como bastante  difícil para passar a mensagem através dele, mas as pessoas têm varias  opiniões e se não soa bem para eles, eu não vou fazê-los ouvir.

Sobre os novos temas para este novo álbum – O capeta deve ter medo? Hahahaha

-hehe. As letras de Antestor mudaram muito desde o The Return of the Black Death
. É claro que somos uma banda cristã, e com letras cristãs, mas eu tento fazer minhas letras de uma forma que não exclui ninguém. Minhas letras são mais sobre a traição, depressão (humano) e outros temas que necessitam de esperança. ser cristão não é ser feliz o tempo todo, e não somos mais do que homens.

Quais são os planos da banda após o álbum ser lançado?- Agora estamos focando apenas em gravação, por isso não fizemos planos. mas estamos esperando uma tour, ou tours, mas não podemos fazer turnês sem uma renda

O fim do Nordic Fest afetou vocês de alguma maneira?
Não, na verdade, desde o começo, tentamos fazer a maioria das nossas gigs fora da cena de cristã.

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