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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Entrevista] The Sacrificed

Interview With Eli Prinsen
By Rick "The Screamer" Lindner 03/28/2012 

Rick/D2S: Thank you for hanging with the Dead-to-Self rock community! It is great to have you here!

Eli/TS: Thanks, it’s good to be here!

Rick/D2S: Please give our rockin’ listeners a 5,000 foot overview of what The Sacrificed is all about and how you came to be.

Eli/TS: We (The Sacrificed) are a Christian power metal band, originally from Central Florida. Our primary focus as a band is to first and foremost praise the Lord Jesus Christ and also to convey through our lyrical content, messages of forgiveness and hope. Also to educate and encourage through personal experiences and Biblical history. We formed in 2005 and have released three albums to date: “The Da Vinci Hoax”, “2012” and “III”. Originally we were a two man “studio band” consisting of myself on vocals and drums, and Johnny Bowden on guitars, bass and keys. Our earliest shows were mainly me singing to backing tracks. Eventually, we added Jay Williams in 2007 as our new drummer and recorded “2012” between 2007 and 2010. And finally we completed our line up with two very special new members and released our current album, “III”.

Rick/D2S: You made some noise with your previous release “2012” which received ample play here on D2S Radio and now your newest effort “III” is following suit, well done!

Eli/TS: Thank you very much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!

Rick/D2S: As the new release “III” just became available the end of February, give our fans an overview of what to expect from the new project that might not have caught you here on the station yet.

Eli/TS: This new album has a more polished sound than the first two, better production as well as a more professional level of musicianship. As with any album of The Sacrificed, there are a few varieties of metal styles that are covered. We also do a Queensryche cover song called, “Before the Storm”, from their “Warning” album. Our guitar solos have gone from impulse power to warp speed! There’s even a guest appearance from guitarist, Roy Z. It shows a lot of growth from every member in the band musically.

Rick/D2S: Another interesting twist with “III” comes in the form of a new member. Fans here at D2S Radio might be familiar with your newest member, Michael Phillips (Deliverance / Fasedown)! Talk about him joining the band. How did this come about and what has he added to the band?

Eli/TS: Yes! We have been extremely blessed to have added guitar virtuoso, Michael Phillips to our roster! Mike and I became friends in Norway during Nordic Fest 2010. We had discussed him doing some guitar solos for the new record “III” and as the production was moving along, things just were really clicking well, and Mike started writing a few songs for the album. Eventually I just came out and asked him to join the band and he said, “Yes”! We’ve been like brothers ever since.

Rick/D2S: Are you required to do any mandatory Deliverance songs during band rehearsals (laughs)?

Eli/TS: That’s not a requirement, it’s a pleasure! Back in October we had a Nordic Fest 2010 Deliverance (with me on vocals) reunion jam session out at Mike’s studio in California, and we played “Weapons of Our Warfare”. It was such a good time hanging with Mike, Jim and Tim again.

Rick/D2S: In your vocals, I hear influences from the likes of Geoff Tate to Bruce Dickenson, Jim Gillette (without the top end craziness), as well as Rob Halford. Have any of these singers played an influence in your style to any level?

Eli/TS: Absolutely! It’s crazy that you mentioned the singers you did because my earliest voice training was with Jim Gillette! And then my voice teacher (who gave me the bulk of my training) was trained by Maestro David Kyle, (the teacher of Geoff Tate). My vocal influences are Geoff Tate, Rob Halford, Michael Kiske, Jimmy P. Brown II, Josh Kramer, Rey Parra, Kevin Ayers, Bruce Dickenson, Tony Harnell and Brad Delp.

Rick/D2S: What about in your song writing? Your lyrics take me back to a fine time of Christian metal when bands like Sacred Warrior, Bride, Holy Soldier and even Deliverance were in their prime. Basically, very straight forward lyrics that weren’t afraid to take a stand while not sugarcoating the message if you will?

Eli/TS: Just like the vocal influences you mentioned, I was also influenced lyrically by Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, Saint and Haven. Worthy of mention is the lyric writing of my former band mate in Sealed Fate, Kevin Tanner. Kevin is the guy who really got me into the Christian Metal movement back in the day. He was an amazing song writer with a no compromise approach to writing lyrics and his writing style still resonates in my writing to this day.

Rick/D2S: As a fan of music yourself, who have been some of your biggest musical inspirations? Also, who do you listen to today?

Eli/TS: My biggest musical inspirations have been very diverse. I love Boston. I have always loved the emotion that they have been able to stir up with their music and Brad Delp was the first really amazing singer that ever caught my attention as a kid. When I got into hard rock and metal as a teen ager, I listened to a lot of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween and Queensryche because of their incredible vocal abilities. Eventually as I became a Christian and started listening to Christian Metal, I was totally inspired by Saint, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, Recon and Haven. I still listen to the “older” bands to this day. Saint is still pumping out great stuff! I like bands like DragonForce, Saint, Boston, Deliverance and of course my very favorite band, The Sacrificed!!!

Rick/D2S: If you could play a Christian metal show with 4-5 bands of your choice who would they be and why?

Eli/TS: That would be incredibly awesome! It would be Deliverance, Saint, Haven, Recon and Sacred Warrior; because it would be a concert of Biblical proportions (laughs)!

Rick/D2S: If you could change one thing about the current music climate, what would it be and why?

Eli/TS: I think autotune should only be used by Disney artists (laughs)! I’d like to see more of what was happening back in the late 80’s and early 90’s in the golden age of Christian Metal; straight forward lyric writing and genuine Christian Metal that creates shockwaves, not only in the music industry, but in the youth of the world.

Rick/D2S: What is the best way fans can pick up your releases?

Eli/TS:, Century Media Distribution, Divine Metal Distribution, CD Baby and much, much more!

Rick/D2S: Which song would you like the fans to go and request after reading this interview and why?

Eli/TS: Actually, I’d like them to request a couple. “Ark of The Covenant”, because it really showcases the “new and improved” sound of The Sacrificed and has two awesome guitar solos from Michael Phillips and Roy Z. “Behold The Power of God” because it’s my favorite track and “The Nephilim Agenda” because it absolutely shreds!

Rick/D2S: Is there anything you would like to add to wrap up our conversation? May our God continue to bless your efforts!

Eli/TS: Thank you for this opportunity to talk with you guys. I pray that God will bless you all. We also want to thank all of the fans that have stuck with us since the early days, this album is for you!

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