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Thursday, June 7, 2012

[entrevista] Mass

Bio | intro

In 1984, MASS released their first album, a self-titled EP produced by Jon Mathias. It was recorded at The Record Plant in New York City. The EP sold 10,000 copies in the Boston area alone, and got the attention of record companies.

In 1985, the band signed with RCA and released their first major label debut, New Birth, produced by Tony Platt. The 45 single, Do You Love Me, went to Number One at one of the local Boston radio stations and hit Billboard's charts. The video made for that single was in rotation on MTV.

In 1987, MASS signed with Enigma and released their third album, Take You Home, produced by John Rollo and MASS. This record sold tens of thousands in the United States as well as England, Japan, and other countries around the world.

In 1988, MASS released their fourth record, Voices in the Night, on Enigma. Michael Sweet of the band Stryper was the producer. This CD sold well all over the world too. Songs such as Reach for the Sky, Turn it All Around, and Voices of the Night were available as CD singles. Songs from this CD also appeared on various compilations CD's. That year, MASS was nominated for Best Heavy Metal Act at the Boston Music Awards.

In 2000, MASS released its fifth record titled Mass Best Ones on Fore Reel Records. They continue to have a strong following all over the United States and around the world. Mass continues to write and record powerfully impressive songs with MASS style, driving hard rock with an edge and rocking melodies.

In 2001, MASS wrote, performed, and continue to kick it! They completed work on their latest demo and hope to have it released sometime in 2002.

In 2002, MASS won a coveted spot at NEMO (the Boston music showcase and industry convention), completed work on their next demo, and produced two songs with Michael Sweet of Stryper!

In 2007, MASS re-releases New Birth on CD through Retrospect Records. They also signed a 5-year record deal with Escape Records and released a new CD titled Crack of Dawn on June 25th!

Band Guys
Louis St. August - Vocals
Gene D'tria - Guitars
Mike Palumbo - Bass
Joey "Vee" Vadala - Drums
Those of you who, like me are devotees of the hard rock scene will recognize the name - Mass  -  is not a band that regularly circulate in the Christian scene. But since the Voices of the Night, they caught us. The frontman Louis St. August  shared great things in this interview.

When & how it was that faith in Christ became part of the music of Mass?
From the very beginning I started incorporating positive song lyrics about God into our songs. Our first album “Fighter” (1982) had songs like “Voyager”. Although we never considered ourselves as a Christian band but just a melodic Rock band from Boston that wrote positive uplifting tunes. It wasn’t until or involvement with Michael Sweet (Stryper) that press and fans started calling us a Christian band.

What`s Mass… of Massachusetts? Hahahaah
MASS was actually derived because of our sound we always thought we had a big, “MASS”ive sound for a four piece band. So that’s really were it came from and it didn’t hurt that we were all from Massachusetts also. Personally I did not mind the Church theme as well made for good gossip. :)

Fans mainly Christians, have come to see more of you, starting from Voices in the Night. But you were not labeled Christian band ... That bothered you in any way?
No not really, although we do not consider ourselves to be a Christian band we are all catholic and do believe in God and Jesus. We just chose not shove our beliefs done any fans throats that come to see us perform live. We typically write about our/my experiences in life with a lot of my lyrics being autobiographical so you are going to get a lot of God influenced tunes from me. My Christian beliefs are subtle in our songs and just hope the fans dig the music and come away with a positive outlook.

Voices in the… Is my favorite Mass hit!

Thank you! I love that album as well! It was a lot of fun recording that one out in California with Michael Sweet producing. Although I do love them all my other favorites are “New Birth” and our most current CD “Sea of Black” which totally Rocks

You are re-releasing the Mass releases via Retroactive Records - how did you guys connect?

I was contacted on Facebook believe or not via CEO Matt Hunt who was trying to convince me to have all the MASS releases, re-released on his label. So after several talks and negotiations a deal was struck. I’m happy to say they know have re-released our “Fighter”, “84 Unchained EP”, “New Birth” and now out this month in June 2012 are “Take You Home” & “Voices In The night” all re-mastered with crystal clear artwork Fantastic job by Retroactive!

The Mass band has supported any kind of a cause or charity?

Yes during the Christmas season the last few years we release a 2 song CD called “A Very Merry X-MASS” with all the proceeds going to the “Toys for Tots” charity. We are very proud of the fact that we have donated thousands of dollars to that charity the past few years and helped to put a smile on a lot of little children and families.

Any personal experience has created a song for the Mass?
Many songs are about us and our dealings with day to day occurrences in our own personal lives or what the band as a whole has experienced. Examples are songs like from our very first album “Badman’s Reputation’ which is about our first crazy manager that caused us a lot of greif and loss of our first deal with A&M records. All the way up to our latest CD with songs like “All the years Gone” which is about myself and a past relationship.

If you could set up a dream tour bill for yourselves, who would be on it? 

Aerosmith, Motley Crue & MASS would be very nice

What of good have you heard from Brazil? Laughs

My oldest daughter has traveled to Brazil for school and my neighbors are Brazilian as well. I think Brazil is most beautiful from what I have seen and the people I have met from Brazil are the kindest and most wonderful people I have ever met. Would love to venture there myself along with the band to perform and enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery! 

Last words... 

Thank you Norman for the interview and for letting me chat to your readers about MASS! Hope your readers discover and keep enjoying MASS music!

For more MASS info on what we are up to please

Louis \m/

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