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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview with Troy Dunmire of Creature Preacher

Creature Preacher

The only thing I can say about Troy Dunmire is that he is an excellent artist with a different kind of message than most are used to in the underground (when it comes to his imagery). The Creature Preacher Speaks!! Pictures were taken from Creature 'zine #2.
Interview by Mike Coles sometime in 2000
The Outcast: So how long have you been drawing? Do you paint as well or practice any other type of art forms, artistically and musically?

Creature Preacher: I've been drawing since I was a little kid. Airbrush painting is my source of income. I do a lot of t-shirts and other custom painting. I sing, play guitar, play drums, the harmonica, and I am learning to play the violin. I record my own music on a 4-track recorder here at home.

The Outcast: What kind of music do you record on your 4 track? Do you release your material for the public to hear, or for yourself?

Creature Preacher: I did a 90 minute tape called the "Chopping Block", that can be ordered from my zine, "The Creature Preacher" issue #3. It's mainly heavy metal stuff combined with a lot of preaching. I record soundtracks for my live plays, videos and such. I'm into a lot of different music, but I usually do a lot of heavy guitar and melodic harmonies.

The Outcast: What bands and zines have you done work for? Do you do art work for secular bands and zines?

Creature Preacher: Mainly just Christian metal bands such as; Mortification, Lament, Metanoia, and a few others. Just a few zines.

The Outcast: Why mainly Christian zines/bands? Do you have trouble drawing things that you may be against, so to speak?

Creature Preacher: I don't promote Satanic or hate garbage, but I have to paint whatever makes the money. Since I've been involved in the Christian metal scene, I naturally do a lot of that kind of work. But I have to be flexible if I want to make a living doing art, so I do a lot of different things as well.

The Outcast: What inspires you to draw? Does your mood influence you on what you draw?

Creature Preacher: Sometimes I have a dream or a vision, or I just get an idea. But to make a living, I mainly draw/paint what other people pay me to do. Money can be an inspiration. It helps listening to music when doing a piece as well. Music always inspires me.

The Outcast: What are some of your favorite bands?

Creature Preacher: Some of my all time favorites are; Kiss, Black Sabbath, Manowar, Mercyful Fate, and older stuff like that.

The Outcast: So you don't have a problem listening to secular bands?

Creature Preacher: Not me, because most music I hear is not as inspirational as some of the secular music I like. I groove on the music and usually don't pay attention to the lyrics. Some people say that by listening to secular music that it affects them in a bad way, if that's your situation, then don't listen to it.

The Outcast: When did you become a Christian and what made you choose that path in life? What makes you certain that it's the right path to walk?

Creature Preacher: I accepted Jesus at the age of 21 while I was on a PCP trip. I had what seemed to be an out of body experience. I was descending downward into hell when I called on Jesus to save me, and he did. I know it's real because of how God answers my prayers. He does it all the time and I am so thankful.

The Outcast: But don't you think that because of the timing and how you came about your faith, do you not think someone will say, "Oh, you only found God because of your PCP trip." Has anyone ever used that against you?

Creature Preacher: I consider the experience I went through to be a gift from God because He used it to reach out to me. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. God can use unexpected ways to work miracles in out lives. But no one has ever accused me of that, no.

The Outcast: How do you know that Christianity is the right path in life?

Creature Preacher: It's all about a personal relationship with God Himself. It is not about following a group of people or a religion. You have to read the Bible for your self and make your own decisions.

The Outcast: Do you think it is the ONLY way to have a peaceful afterlife?

Creature Preacher: I believe Jesus is the only way, like He said He is.

The Outcast: What is your opinion on religion?

Creature Preacher: There are some good things about religion, but also some bad. Religion is the devils playground. It can warp people's views of who God really is. We as humans make a lot of mistakes so our eyes should not be on others. We must each seek God personally if we want to know Him for who He really is.

The Outcast: Do you ever feel like a hypocrite?

Creature Preacher: Sure, because I'm not perfect, but I gotta watch out because the enemy will try to lay a guilt trip on me, like; "You're not worthy" to stop me from walking with God. It's only by God's grace that I can call myself a Christian.

The Outcast: What do you think of the philosophy to turn the other cheek?

Creature Preacher: I don't take that to mean I'm going to let someone beat me up without defending myself. It means to be merciful and cut the other guy some slack and seek peace instead of looking for a fight; to show love even if the other guy is wrong.

The Outcast: Have you ever had any problems with your artwork with other Christians?

Creature Preacher: Oh yes, but I've learned to "turn the other cheek" instead of always trying to prove I'm right. It can be a waste of my time.

The Outcast: What are some of the more common remarks you hear from people who can't understand your work?

Creature Preacher: Would Jesus do that? Your stuff looks evil. You're misrepresenting God, and stuff like that.

The Outcast: What is one thing you struggle with in your faith or in life in general?

Creature Preacher: Trying to make a living doing Christian stuff is hard. I hate to see my talents go to waste by compromising and working for the world when I want to be a full-time minister with my talents. Business and ministry don't always mix together the way I would like them to, so I have to do the work that makes the money and then do ministry as an offering. That's where I'm at right now anyway. Maybe someday that will change.

The Outcast: Why do you think this is so?

Creature Preacher: Because the main stream church does not relate to my style of ministry/art. The few who do relate to my style usually don't have the money to support it. The mainstream has the money but they do not see the need for such ministries that reach out to the "unreachable" Satanists, metal-heads, etc…

The Outcast: You used to do "Creature Zine", what happened with that? Do you still do it? How many issues did you release?

Creature Preacher: Creature #2 was the final release. It was too much for one man to continue to produce. I quit doing it when I back-slid. Since regaining my relationship with God since then, I started a smaller zine called; The Creature Preacher. I've done three of those so far.

The Outcast: In issue #2 I read the letters you and Vincent C. (Acheron) had written each other back and forth. Do you look back at that and think that was a childish thing you both did, almost as if "attacking" one another with child-like actions and maybe even words. I personally thought it made you both look like children trying to prove a point that is hard to prove, especially the way the letters were written.

Creature Preacher: It was a good thing at the time. The controversy from it got a lot of people's attention, and the readers loved it!

By The Outcast fanzine  | Issue #5

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